Meet Our Family Of Technicians

Digits Wellness Spa and Salon is a Booth and Chair rental establishment only. We have a great staff and many of them have been with us for ten to 16 years. We have hair, nails, facials, massage, waxing, threading, electrology and even Spiritual Guidance. To contact one of our technicians please see the list below and call them directly to make an appointment.

If you are a technician who is looking for a Hair Chair or Room to rent, please call Bridgett at 561-689-1139.

Cosmetology / Hair

Melisa Wise

Melissa specializes in Organic Color, Highlights and is a skilled in all other aspects of hair care. She has been with Digits for over 15 years and serving the Palm Beach area for over 25 years.

Contact info:

Organically Wise Hair
(561) 502-9604

Leslie Martel

Leslie is a skilled Cosmetologist who specializes in Color, Color correction and Highlights. She has been with Digits for over 15 years and working in  Palm Beach County for over 20 years.

Contact info:

(561) 315-7435

Martha Matiz

Martha started in the business in 1990 and brings with her over 25 years of experience. She is certified in Redken Color, Global Keratin, Agave Keratin and All Nutrient Color, and is skilled in all areas of Cosmetology.

Contact info:

(561) 891-1675

Dede Vyas

Dede has been serving Palm Beach County for over 20 years. She recently worked at JC Penny as a Hair Stylist and is the pioneer of Eyebrow Threading in Palm Beach County, and is a master Designer in all areas of Cosmetology.

Contact info:

Devi Styling Salon
(561) 309-2390


Meet Jaye, who despite his youthful appearance, has over 43 years in the cosmetology business including six years as an instructor at state certified beauty schools. Jaye is an innovative and multi-faceted stylist who specializes in creating beautiful and natural looking colors. He also is very talented with scissors and enjoys transforming people into new and refreshing looks.

Contact info:

(561) 254-8022

Nail Technicians

Evdokia (Eva) Dunn

Eva is a licensed nail tech who specializes in Pink and White Acrylics and Gel Nails. She has been a Nail Tech in the Palm Beach County area for over 15 years and is skilled in all areas of Nail Care.

Contact Info:

(561) 315-4519

Skin Care and Massage Therapy

Violeta (Vee) Ogden

Vee specializes in permanent  hair removal, she is a skilled electrolysis with over 30 years of experience in Electrology, waxing, facials and Microdermabrasion.

Contact info:

(561) 313-9429

Dene Cecandio

Dene is a Licensed Massage Therapist. He graduated from Keiser Career College in Greenacres,FL.  Dene strongly believes in the benefits of massage therapy and uses a combination of massage styles to promote relaxation. He is a Usui Reiki Master and has a Specialization in Oncology Massage. (LF Lic. MA61197)

Contact into:


Natalie Infante

Natalie is a licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in deep tissue massage. Natalie has her business Shut Out the World massages with in Digits Wellness Spa and has her own staff of Licensed Massage therapist who work for her. (FL Lic. MA61669)

Contact info:

(561) 907-6772

Alternative Healing/Spirtual Guidance

About Dave DiSano, M.Ed., C.A.G.S., Ph.D., C.H.

Dr. Dave has been a teacher, counselor, lecturer, and author for the past 30 years. He has an undergraduate degree in science education from the University of Rhode Island, a Masters in counseling from Providence College, a C.A.G.S. in School Psychology from Rhode Island College, and a Ph.D. in Holistic Mental Health from Clayton College. He became a Certified Hypnotherapist through Winchester Hospital’s (Woburn, MA) clinical hypnotherapy program. He has worked in urban schools as a science teacher, counselor, and school psychologist.

He has lectured internationally at the national conventions of the National Association of School Psycholgists in New Orleans, LA, Dallas, TX, Toronto, CN, Los Angelos, CA, and New York City, NY on holistic alternatives for ADHD, based on his first book, Holistic Mental Health that describes alternative treatments for mental disorders.

Dr. Dave has conducted individual and group hypnotherapy sessions treating disorders such as eating disorders, weight-loss, smoking cessation, anxiety/phobias, depression, insomnia, school/sports performance, and public speaking phobia. He has also conducted individual and group past-life regression sessions.

Today, he conducts lectures and workshops with his wife, Mary ‘Divine’, based on their new book, Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life that describes Mary’s healing journey through the New Age and Metaphysical worlds. In it, Dr. Dave explains scientifically what Mary experienced using current theories in science, research/data, historical facts, and personal experience.

For individual or group hypnotherapy sessions with Dr. Dave, call him at (401) 323-6934.

Listen to a recent interview (7/2015) on Voice America: Dr. Paula Joyce Show: Uplift Your Spirit where Dr. Dave discusses “Proof of Psychic Phenomenon.”

Testimonies Of Dr. Dave:

Weight Loss Therapy:

“I loved my weight loss hypnotherapy session with Dr. Dave! He was extremely concerned with my success, he customized the session to my individual needs, and I loved the CD he made for me that helped me change my eating habits!” ~ Lorrine, Jupiter, FL

“I lost over 100 pounds due to Dr. Dave’s hypnotherapy session. His session helped me change my eating habits, and I was able to eliminate my cravings for sugar!” ~ Jack, Pawtucket, RI

Smoking Cessation:

“I smoked over two packs a day for the past 30 years, and was totally amazed that in one session through Dr. Dave’s Hypnotherapy, I was able to become smoke free!” ~ Phil, Johnston, RI

“Dr. Dave’s smoking cessation session helped me to quit smoking altogether in one session! I loved the CD he made for me that really helped transform my cravings!” ~ Gladys, Attleboro, MA


“I went to Dr. Dave to help me with insomnia, and was so pleased with the session and the results I got in one session! The CD he made me helped me relax and taught me how to meditate.” ~ Mary, West Palm Beach, FL

“I had great difficulty with my self-esteem; I was anxious and depressed as well. Dr. Dave’s hypnotherapy session greatly improved my outlook on life, and he was able to help me relax, and the CD he made for me greatly improved my self-esteem and eased my depression!” ~ Cindy, Palm Beach, FL

“I had issues with self-esteem and had been battling ADD since High School. In one session, Dr. Dave helped me turn my life around! The CD he made me helped me get over my ADD and greatly improved my self-esteem!” ~ Claudia, Cranston, RI

Meet Mary DiSano

Mary is a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner. She is also certified in Reiki and reflexology healing, and has a degree in medical technology.

Mary has a prior background in finance, working for a large corporation in Providence, RI for 20 years. She retired from the corporate world because she felt a calling to help others. She was led to a path of being a healer through a personal spiritual awakening. This awakening led her to work with world renowned healers, helping her to heal herself both physically and spiritually. These experiences opened new worlds to Mary and connected her to an amazing array of physical and spiritual healers and light workers across the country. She chronicles her healing journey and spiritual awakening in her book Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life.

Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life thoroughly explores non-traditional causes (and cures) to physical and mental illness with a captivating personal healing and transformation journey by the authors. It is a true-life story of living through entity possession that caused physical and mental illness, and of being healed by shamans, psychics, and avatars that resulted in Mary being transformed into an inspirational and amazing healer herself. Divinely Touched is a story of personal transformation; It chronicles Mary’s spiritual awakening. How she was divinely saved, led, and transformed: From the depths of depression; From battles with physical ailments for which the medical profession had no explanations; From being led into worlds she never knew existed; How she survived being taken to the underworld; Possessed by negative entities; Was guided and healed by light-workers, shamans, and avatars from this world and the spirit dimension, and led on a journey of personal, physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Mary explored a number of healing therapies and felt that she was divinely guided to Reconnective Healing. She felt that when you connect with universal energies, healing should be immediate and take one session; not many sessions, as in other alternative healing modalities. Her clients have in fact reported amazing results in just one session, psychics from around the country have told her that her vibrational energy is unlike any they have ever seen; that she embodies ‘Divine’ energies.

Today, she travels the country doing seminars and healings with her husband, Dr. Dave.

Listen to a recent interview (7/2015) on Voice America: Dr. Paula Joyce Show: Uplift Your Spirit where Mary discusses her Journey and Spiritual Awakening in, “Healing From The Spiritual Realm.”