Skin Care

Facials & body treatments to smooth and improve the texture of your skin.

Body Wraps

The body wrap will lessen the appearance of cellulite, visually tighten on tone your skins appearance, and give the body a more contoured look.

2220 Monica Drive • West Palm Beach, FL 33415

Digits Wellness Spa & Salon

Bridgett has been serving the Palm Beach County area since 1989.  Her goal was to create Digits Wellness Spa & Salon to accommodate an increasingly health conscious and stressed out population.  Specializing in Skin Care, Nutrition, Body Wraps and Nail services.  Her results driven skin care treatments help make you feel great about the way you look and feel.   If having healthy, bright, smooth, beautiful skin is your priority, then Bridgett can help you to archive your goal.

Bridgette created Digits Wellness Spa and Salon as a booth rental facility. This allows other Massage therapist, Estheticians, Electrolysis, Cosmetologist, Nail Techs and other aspiring business owners to open there own business.  We even have a Medium for those who seek spiritual guidance.

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Booth Rentals

As a booth rental Spa and Salon she has helped other professionals achieve there goal to become sole owners of their businesses and become independent contractors. This allows them to be there own boss and create there business how they would like to run it and take time off when ever they need it.  If you are interested, please contact us.